One Day Baby CD

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One Day Baby CD


One Day Baby CD

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1. Falling Over
2. The Frost
3. Counting on Spring
4. One Day Baby
5. Missing Song
6. When Things Are Different
7. Firsts & Lasts
8. Brandnacht Stans 1713 (excerpt)
9. Ropes of Sand
10. It's Not a Dream
11. Starting Today
12. Applause of Tears
13. Beyond The Sea

Produced by Tood Sicakfoose


Sarah Bowman: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar & Cello
Rene Coal Burrell: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar & Wurlitzer
Todd Sickafoose: Double Bass, Piano, Wurlitzer, Mellotron
Kyle Sanna: Electric Guitar, Lap Steal Guitar & Synth
Jenny Scheinman: Violin
Matthias Kunzli: Percussion, Drums
Allison Miller: Drums

Produced & Mixed by Todd Sickafoose

Recorded at The Clubhouse Recording Studio in Rhinebeck NY
Engineer: Paul Antonell / Assistant Engineer: Max Siegel

Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering, Boulder, CO